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Indigo Literary Journal: A Youth-led Space for Prose and Poetry

By Grace Liang

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The journal searches for “the kind of art that steals our breath and does not return it" (Photo Credit: Indigo Literary Journal)

Writing and art communities often shut down aesthetics and the abstract within magazines. Indigo Literary Magazine, a student-founded literary magazine, allows writers and artists who believe in the power of purple prose to be heard.

Indigo Literary Journal searches for “the kind of art that steals our breath and does not return it,” according to Ai Li, the editor in chief. With the literary magazine, creative writing that takes liberty to use purple prose is given a platform and appreciation.

Ai Li said that one of the magazine’s goals is to offer chances for writers’ growth. Many young writers who are excluded from publications or competitions often post their writing to social media platforms like Instagram or Tumblr. Ai Li said that magazines like Indigo Literary Journal offer something to these young writers that social media does not: “feedback from professional or experienced writers.” As a result, being published by the literary magazine is “more rewarding”– a recognition of one’s skill and a prospect for improvement.

The process of submitting to a literary magazine or an anthology is usually difficult. Ai Li said that the Indigo Literary Journal team wants writers to make time for editing––the “time that each piece deserves.” One of her own strategies is reading the work multiple times to find out what was and what wasn’t effective. Another masthead member had suggested writing whatever comes to mind, then to edit the piece in another font. The editor-in-chief suggested that masthead applicants for any literary magazine or journal compile a portfolio, as many magazines will ask for one. On starting a literary magazine, Ai Li said that “publicity is imperative”; she emphasized the importance of a good social media manager and using Instagram and Twitter to promote.

Currently, Indigo Literary Journal’s masthead is filled with staff writers and is not accepting any new applications. Its inaugural issue was published on Friday. The magazine’s Instagram and Twitter handles are @indigoliteraryjournal and @indigolit, respectively. The Indigo Literary Journal website is

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Grace Liang
Grace Liang
19 mars 2021

the website has been updated. it is now

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