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Chinatown Workers and Visitors Respond to Changes in the Neighborhood

By Lily Wolfson and Sasha Tucker New York City, New York

Lily Wolfson, Editor-in-Chief, and Sasha Tucker, Associate Editor, visited Chinatown on Sunday to photograph and interview Asian American business owners and workers about their experiences with the changes in their neighborhood due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in AAPI hate crimes. See the corresponding article to hear what they had to say.

Lisa Sun, who works at Pearl River Mart
Pearl River Mart
Pearl River Mart
Chao Sheng Li, the sign holder, and his friend protesting anti-Asian racism
New Cameroon Bakery, where Suki works
New Cameroon Bakery
Exterior of Nature Republic, where Lily works
Lily, who has worked has worked at Nature Republic for the past two years
Interior of Nature Republic


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