By the youth. For the youth.

The Editorial Board


Lily Wolfson & Ryan Pelosky


Associate Editors

Bradley Bennett & Sasha Tucker


Managing Editors

Lucas Gimbel, Indonesia Omega & Phoebe Weinstein


Copy Editors

Divij Jain, Sophie Main, Austin Szatrowski & Ada Carlston


Executive News Editors

Alex Shube & Elliott Stephanopoulos


Local News Editor

Lily Kaplan


National News Editor

H. Harrison Coleman IV & Bella Cuomo


Global News Editors

Charlie Herrman & Oscar Phillips


Opinion Editors

Coco Rohatyn & Simon Yellen


Features Editor

Paloma La Valley


Sports Editors

Josh Underberg & Scarlett Beard

Arts Editor

Anneka Murdoch

Youth Initiatives Editor

Aanika Veedon


Layout Editors

Britton Gorfain, Eugenia Lopez Gaffney & Rachel Schreiber


Photo Editors

Grete King & Maxwell Shopkorn

Directors of Outreach

Lauryn Heskin, Margot Megalli & Divij Jain

Our Mission

Founded in New York City, The Iris is a newspaper produced by high school students from across the world. We are dedicated to printing underreported, accurate news; versatile opinion pieces; and captivating stories. We recognize the importance of social media in communicating news stories but realize that it can often be one-sided or fail to convey the whole story. The Iris seeks to address this phenomenon and firmly believes in the importance of informed journalism. We will use this platform to uplift marginalized voices; we are an actively anti-racist and anti-discriminatory newspaper. We strive to report comprehensively and concisely through a reputable platform where students can amplify their voices. Above all, The Iris seeks to inform thought, discourse, and in turn, action among the youth of our world. 


We felt our newspaper name, The Iris, fitting. Indeed, Iris is the messenger of news for the Olympian gods. As one, we hope to deliver news to our readers as Iris does to the gods.

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